Is the CTA a union?

No, the CTA is a not union and does not address the labor issues of individual teachers. Teachers concerned about labor issues and legal representation are encouraged to contact the local affiliates of the AFT or NEA, or state professional teacher organizations like the South Carolina Education Association.

Is the CTA on social media?

​Yes, you can access our media here.

Who can become a member?

Membership is free and open to all CCSD teachers. Click here to join. As a teacher advocacy organization, administrators and former teachers are not eligible for membership.

Are there meetings?

No. The CTA uses electronic communication like e-mail and e-newsletters, along with internet-based tools like surveys instead of traditional meetings. Teachers are busy people and the CCSD is a geographically large district. It can take more than an hour each way to drive to a meeting. So instead of meetings, CTA members are encouraged to e-mail CTA leaders with concerns and suggestions.

As a member, why should I take surveys?

The CTA is committed to representing teachers, and surveys are one of the best ways to find out what teachers are experiencing. We conduct 2-4 surveys annually, and ask that all members make the effort to complete the surveys honestly and promptly. The data from surveys is analyzed by CTA Leadership and used to generate recommendations.

How can I get more involved?

Please email us if you'd like get more involved. There are opportunities to serve on district-level committees, recruit new members, join our steering committee, and analyze data/create reports. Most of this is done online, so do not worry about having to attend meetings.

Is the CTA associated with a political party?

The CTA encourages members to get involved in the political process, but we do not support/endorse specific candidates or political parties.  

Feel free to visit our contact page with questions that are not answered here.