The Charleston Teacher Alliance


CCSD teachers: Please take and share our end of year survey!

Here is the link:

The survey gives you an anonymous opportunity to give feedback to your principal and the school board. It also asks for your opinion on a number of relevant CCSD teaching issues.

The Charleston Teacher Alliance (CTA) is the oldest and largest teacher advocacy organization in the Charleston County School District and one of the largest in South Carolina. It is unique among teacher organizations for its data-driven approach and focus on teacher empowerment. 


 Our Story

In the Fall of 2003, a small group of teacher leaders, including several former and future CCSD Teachers of the Year, formed a new teacher organization that would represent the values and interests of classroom teachers. The CTA was officially organized in November, 2003 with the following organizational principles:

1. The CTA is free and open to all CCSD teachers.

2. The CTA represents the interests of teachers as gauged by surveys and other means of soliciting feedback.

3. The CTA has a district-wide focus and does not address individual members' labor issues or site/school specific concerns.

4. The CTA is proactive and positive. It seeks to work with district leaders on solutions and avoids confrontational tactics.

5. The CTA is led by classroom teachers who volunteer their time to represent the interests and values of its membership.

For over 20 years, the CTA has advocated successfully for improvements or increases to: